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Blackerby Associates
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona
Technical Advisory Committee

Strategic Plan 2006-2010
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona  





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  • Fountain Hills
  • Fountain Hills Strategic Plan 2006-2010 (Adopted December 1, 2005)
    Final Strategic Plan 2005-2010 adopted by the Town Council December 1, 2005.
    APPENDIX A Resolution to Adopt the Strategic Plan 2006-2010 and Create the Strategic Planning Advisory Commission.
    APPENDIX B Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
    APPENDIX C Key Informant Interviews Summary
    APPENDIX D Youth Visioning Institute
    APPENDIX E Where We Are Now Report
    APPENDIX F Town Hall 1 Small Group Discussion Notes
    APPENDIX G Town Hall 1 Evaluation Report
    APPENDIX H Strategic Choices Report
    APPENDIX I Town Hall 2 Results, Vol. 1 Summary Report
    Town Hall 2 Results, Vol. 2 Appendices
    APPENDIX J Town Hall 2 Evaluation Report
    APPENDIX K Survey Report
    APPENDIX L Newsletters:
    Newsletter Update #1, April 2005
    Newsletter Update #2, July 2005
    Newsletter Update #3, September 2005
    Newsletter Update #4, December 2005
    Strategic Plan Information Center