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Blackerby Associates

Grants Experience






Not-for-Profit &

Client Grantor Amount/Purposes Results Blackerby Associates Role
Head Start Program, Human Svcs. Dept., City of Phoenix U.S. Dept. of Education $21 million triennial renewal application to support 14 providers, 75 sites and 3,200 children. Funded Compiled & edited applications from rough drafts by providers; analyzed demographics; created graphics; facilitated strategic goals.
H.O.B.O., Helping Our Brother Out; (NFP organization assists people who are homeless, Austin, TX). Hogg Foundation for Mental Health $60,000 for matching funds against federal grants, and expenses. Funded Wrote grant.
H.O.B.O. U.S. Depít. of Housing & Urban Development $217,000 capital outlay to rehabilitate a donated 36-unit apartment complex. Funded Wrote grant.
H.O.B.O. U.S. Depít. of Housing & Urban Development $247,000 five years of operating expenses for transitional housing program. Funded Wrote grant.
Travis County, TX on behalf of H.O.B.O. U.S. Depít. of Housing & Urban Development $160,000 operating expenses for assistance programs to help people who are homeless. Funded Advised grantee, reviewed grant application.
Austin Family House (NFP organization treats women with chemical dependency in residence with their children, Austin, TX). Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (fed. fds.) $360,000 to remodel facility and add a new wing, doubling treatment capacity. Funded Wrote grant; Member, Board of Directors.
Austin Family House Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (fed. fds.) $80,000 per year to take over bankrupt program treating single women in residence for chemical dependency. Funded Reviewed grant; lobbied acceptance; Member, Board of Directors.
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts U.S. Dep't. of Justice (LEAA) $135,000 for equipment and personnel to train enforcement officers in tax collection techniques. Funded Wrote grant; administered finances.

Blackerby Associates Principal, Phillip Blackerby, also served on a grant application review board for a U.S. government agency evaluating applications for technology development grant funding. Mr. Blackerby evaluated 17 applications in detail, and participated in discussions evaluating over 100 grant applications.