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    Efficiency Improvement in Not-for-Profit and Government Organizations

    • NonProfit Resource Center
      The Nonprofit Resource Center has been the Internet's premier information source for nonprofit organizations. With the most comprehensive list of links to websites of interest to nonprofits, you can find virtually everything you need to know about how to form, manage and maintain your nonprofit organization.

    • National Campaign to Make Mauritius Muda-Free.
      "Let us pause for one moment and try to visualise what would happen if each of us takes the vow to remove Muda ["waste" in Japanese] in our everyday life. Mauritius would then become a better place to live in, a more attractive place for investors and an upper market tourist destination...Let us therefore all resolve to make Mauritius a Muda-free nation."
      --The Honorable President of the Republic of Mauritius, May 30, 2001.

    • Muda-Free Mauritius
      "Mauritius, the first nation to proclaim MUDA elimination as one of the nation's ideals."

    • Lean Office (coming soon!)

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    Government Resources for Nonprofits

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