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Senior Services Strategic Plan 2009
Envisioning Exercise -- Team A
Phoenix Senior Services





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Envision Team A Picture
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Picture was shaped in a Pie form: 5 years.
Do activities, expand activities; update for younger seniors.
Transportation; more seniors in future; expand; more load.
Staff resources: expand
Outlived “senior center?” Change term; stigma.
Home delivered meals: health-related meals
What to do with frail in senior centers? Offer more variety; let seniors be involved in making decisions that affect them; they are adults; treat them as adults.
Keep people in their homes. Red Mountain has adult day care in the same building; may be an option; also, may provide some in-home care, such as housekeeping.
Parks & Recreation facility: look to future; wall between senior services and Parks, but not at Johnny’s center; Parks owns building. We are growing together; we share; learn from each other. Parks & Recreation has staff, time. Facility is open 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. plus weekends.
Don’t restrict services to the ambulatory
More than just a place to spend the day.