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Blackerby Associates
Senior Services Strategic Plan 2009
Envisioning Exercise -- Team D
Phoenix Senior Services





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Envision Team D Picture
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Picture was a rainbow with lots of services "under the rainbow."
"Itís not over until itís over."
No bingo
Gathering place
Seniors volunteer
Travel club
Library: life-long learning
Nutrition: healthy options: Starbucks, Atkins. Seniors determine what is at the cafť; so long as itís healthy. At 80, seniors can choose to eat what they want.
Dancing: keeps me up, gives me energy
For everybody; inviting
Multi-colors: people come from different places; single, married, faiths, genders; emphasis on valuing differences; no form of discrimination; a place for everyone
Not restrictive; contemporary, no prescription; choices. Appeal to baby boomers.