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Blackerby Associates
Senior Services Strategic Plan 2009
Envisioning Exercise -- Team E
Phoenix Senior Services





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Envision Team E Picture
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Picture was a circle with different categories.
Not boxed in.
Seniors don’t want to be called that; not Senior Services; many services; Wellness Centers.
Diverse: lots of colors of flowers. Represent people.
We are the best-kept secret; people in crisis come to us. We need a marketing plan. Allow us to be pro-active, not reactive, we are putting out fires all the time; this plan will require money and staff.
Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security: educate; advocate.
Fitness, health education; older adults are parenting.
Seniors have other things going on in their lives.
Holistically serves entire family.
Health, mental health; transportation.
Helping hands.
We can’t provide all services; leverage other agencies’ resources, both internal and external.
Frail elderly and others, too.
Senior services is focal point in community. "Senior" a bad word.
Two populations—frail and younger—inclusive; use "participants," not "seniors."
Diversity: ethnic culture; gender; religion: if we don’t deal with it, we have conflict; lots of conflict now.
Staff respect staff respect clients reflect staff.
Our world that seniors come to.
Community will help.