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Blackerby Associates

Transformation for Retail Enterprises






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Blackerby Associates can help your retail operation transform into a high-performance enterprise!

  • FastTrac™, the premier business planning training program in the nation. Ideal for retailers! FastTrac is a program of the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City.

  • Strategic Planning for Retailers. Successful retailers understand their customers, competitors and strategic market position. Blackerby Associates strategic planning services can help you review your strategy for effectiveness, and develop a more effective strategy to increase sales.

  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Action Planning. Accurate measurement of customer satisfaction has value only when you can translate the findings into actions that will raise customer satisfaction ratings. Blackerby Associates customer satisfaction measurement and analysis techniques help you plan and execute actions that will improve repeat purchasing behavior, increase good word-of-mouth and reduce overall cost of selling.

  • Mystery Shopping Services. Look at your retail experience from your customers' perspective! Blackerby Associates mystery shoppers help you objectively identify sources of customer dissatisfaction, most effective training needs and barriers to closing sales.

  • Competitiveness Assessment. Benchmark your retail operations against your competitors! Blackerby Associates will give you an objective comparison to your competitors' techniques: customer service, store layout, merchandise displays, pricing strategies, market positioning, technology, inventory and brand management.

Contact Blackerby Associates to discuss how these services can help your retail success!